Love remains

When someone loves you, cherish them. When someone sees you, all of you, and accepts the darkness within the crevices of your being that you try to hide, allow the grace of this love to envelop you so that you feel the strength of it. When someone sits with your tears without judgment, listens to words unspoken and reads the meaning in the silence, allow this gift to wash over you so that who you see in the mirror is changed by the love that you have been given. When someone sends a text message and you can feel the depth of caring on that tiny screen in your hand, stop and sit in it. Allow the emotions to rise to the surface and be. When someone wraps their arms around you and holds your heart next to their heart so that you soften into the space that their love creates, breathe in the beauty of the connection. When you look into someone’s eyes and see the expanse that lifetimes created, get lost in the depths. When someone feeds you, let every bite be a celebration to the love that created the nourishment. When someone brings you flowers, let the perfume of them waft through you every morning so that the smile that they conjure shines all day. When someone calls you or sits with you with no other reason other than to see you, hear you, be with you, acknowledge this gift of time that they are giving. When someone is here, remember that at any moment, they could be gone, so be here with them now.

Love expands when we experience the truth of it. When we allow ourselves the grace to receive the love that is given to us – to truly cherish it – we do not take it for granted. We relish it. We allow the love to compound upon the love that we give ourselves so that their love becomes our love and it ripples around out around us.

Too often, we take this love for granted. We do not see the beauty in it until it is gone. Until we lose a friendship or lover. Until the kids are grown and gone. Until death takes the love away. And in the hole that the lost love leaves we see it. In the wake, we grieve the loss of the love.

So, when you mind wanders towards someone, follow your thoughts to find the direction and then extend your hand to let them know what they mean to you. Reach out and let love flow. Let them know. For all you have is this moment, right now, to love and be loved. Receive the love that you give. Cherish the love that is around you, within you, given to you. Recognize the gift that love is. The preciousness. The fragility. The strength. Allow love to change you, so that even when the giver is gone, the love remains.

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