I am more than this

I live in the deep depths of the ocean where the pressure suffocates the senses. That place where reality narrows to a laser focus. I am all that is. My emotions, my mind, my breath, my body fade and all that exists is the silent pressure. The weight of every decision, every word, every action. The weight of that which my being affects, touches, corrupts and conditions. I sit in the awareness of my impact. Small and mighty. Dangerous and insignificant. Gross and graceful. I am the pain I induce and endure. I am the pleasure I provide and seek. I am the truth that evades us all. I overwhelm.

Words tripping over truths that define ethereal thread. Connections created beyond the stops in the sentences of the stories. Time is an allusion that defines a reality as unreal as dreams. Wrapped in the moment an amalgamation, conglomeration, instantiation of all that transpired to reach this silence that holds this singular expression of life. All that was is now. Upon the history of lifetimes, with the space of the distance imagined to exist between us, this empire of humanity resides.

I sit in this expansion that cradles the future in the past existence. The allusion that where I have been has baring on tomorrow. And yet, the lifetimes of impact teaching this soul the sights unseen and in eyes I glimpse that part of myself that I lost along the way. The connected piece that in the moment I remember. I am not simply this soul. This body. This mind. I am more than this..


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