This journey is not a solo mission

Sometimes we need help. Sometimes we need a fellow traveller to lighten the load. Sometimes we need to take a break. Sometimes we fall and we need a hand to help us up.

Sometimes we need to push through the pain. Sometimes we need to pick up our pack and soldier on. Sometimes we carry the burden so that others suffer less.

You are the only one that can take the steps. No one can live your life for you. Only you experience your laughter and your pain. Only you can set your course and travel the distance. This is your journey.

And, life is not a solo mission. There is joy in sharing the path with fellow travellers. A community of people our kind of crazy that challenge us to push through, reach out a hand when we fall and share the experience. Share the burden. Share the laughter. Share the sustenance. Share the rum.

Your journey is your own. You take these steps. You set the course. And who you choose to travel with impacts the journey. Surrounded by a like-minded tribe, life is gloriously shared, amplifying the experience so that the joy is expanded and the pain reduced.

Live your life. Take your steps. And find your tribe. Your people, the ones that will hold your hand through the pain and sing with you on the mountain tops. For this journey is not a solo mission. It is meant to be shared.

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