Who am I?

I am powerful
At once inspiring and terrifying,
I change every soul I touch.
I hold a river of tears so that your pain has a place
To be washed away.
My soul sings songs of children laughing
So that I bring joy to the lost.

I am wonderful.
As a witness to greatness
I absorb the wonder of this world
And I revel
In the magnificence,
In the awe,
I see the promise of heaven,
Right here, right now.

I am purposeful.
Through me, miracles happen.
When I follow my path
The people around me flourish
So that I stand amongst a garden of grace.

I am beautiful.
Passionate and playful,
Stunning and strong,
I give beauty a place to come home and be.

I am an author.
My words create worlds
That question the answers
And inspire living this life.

I am a champion.
I hold safe space for the weary,
The wounded,
The frightened
And the fragile.

I am a healer.
I guide others to find the strength within themselves
So that forgiveness
Drives happiness.

I have been called to transform this world
And through my words
I will do so.

Who am I?
I am powerful, wonderful, purposeful and beautiful.