Feminine fire

Fall into the feminine fire that burns bright in your chest. Release the bonds that hold you back from unleashing the full strength within your core. That strength that climbs mountains and births babies. The strength that holds the hearts of your sisters and weeps with them, for them, because of them so that together you grow like an oak, strong and mighty, tall and majestic. Within your voice are the words that make movements, the songs that sting and bring peace, the silence that speaks loudly in the noise that drowns this place in chaos. In your body lies the ages of goddess grace that has come before you. Soft and strong, small and mighty.

Your body is a temple that houses life, creates life, is life. The curves are yours, my dear, not his or hers or theirs. Your body is your gift. Every step, every breath, every flicker of the eyelash is your doing, your making, your being. Your beauty comes from every grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, friend for we are women. We are the feminine goddesses that graces this place. Our mother nature calls us to sink into her and allow the water that flows to wash over us and carry us towards one another. You, my darling, are my kin. My tribe, my own. You are me and within each other we fall into the soft strength that we all hold. The feminine feeling, graceful giving.

When you stand strong in your feminine strength, you celebrate every woman who has come before you for within your fame is the story of every goddess who has walked this path. When you nurse your child, you are nourishing all children. When you hold space for your sister, you are holding space for all women. When you use your voice to scream for women’s rights, you are yelling for all girls, everywhere. We are women.

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