Fear holds us in a place of Someday. Someday I will pursue my passion. Someday I will make enough money to pause. Someday I will relax. Someday I will lose weight. Someday I will attend that class, bake that cake, paint that picture, harness that power. Someday I will be old enough, pretty enough, rich enough, strong enough. Someday I will have the time, money, energy. Someday the kids will be older, the house paid off.

Someday kills today. Someday wraps us in a straight jacket disguised as a comfy blanket. Someday stifles our desires, putting that who we are in a box on a shelf replaced by a facade, an identity, a mask of who we tell ourselves we need to be. What we need to do.

Someday struggles. It generate unhappiness comparing our desires to the state that we put ourselves within. Sitting in the box that we created, the boundaries that we have defined, that we have agreed to dwell within, we look out of our cage at the wide expanses that exist in the world – all of which is open to us – and we wonder what might be possible.

Someday allows us to view the beauty that life offers and turn away. We turn away from what is possible in favor of the allusion that someday we will. Someday we might. Someday feels right.

Someday breeds sadness for in someday we glimpse the expanse and we understand the glory in creating the life we desire. And then we choose to remain in this place of self-deprecation, this place within the allusion of control where we prepare the outcome. This allusion that our habitual actions will bring happiness because we are doing what we are supposed to do. Ignoring the knowing within us that only by standing in our truth can we find meaning. Every time we choose to box the desires of our heart, we stifle our purpose and we deny the world the gifts of grace.

Like seeds, our someday desire – when planted, watered, fostered and supported – bears fruit that sustains the community around us. Standing in our truth becomes a bounty, for when we follow the desires of our heart we are following the divine calling that guides us to take our place amongst the whole.

Our purpose, our passion is our place.

It is the gift that the world needs us to fulfill. When we decide to be that which we are – no armor, no mask, no filter  – we find the path. We see that which is and has been, without the filter of “should be” based on arbitrary rules defined by others who have not embraced the truth that exists in the core of us.

And our someday becomes reality.

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