Pursue Passion

“The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” – Picasso

Within the nagging recesses of the mind rests the question, “Why?” Why am I here? Why are we all here? Why did these things happen to me? Why didn’t I choose differently? What is the meaning? What is my purpose?

Purpose. Passion. Meaning. More. Words that pressure that which we believe we must be. When the daily routine becomes a struggle to sustain – a quiet desperation – a question of existence – we hear the question growing louder: Why?

When we stop and sit, when we quiet our minds and pause the fury, the flurry, the fast paced movement that covers the longings of the soul, we see. We feel the tug that pulls at our core. The desire to live a life of impact. And then, like a child lost in the woods, we feel as if we are unable to find the path. The answer to the questions seem overwhelming to even contemplate. And we are lost. We know on some level that the path must exist somewhere, but…

When the path is unknown we freeze. We pause. We wonder if searching for this place of purpose is worth the chance of remaining lost in the wood forever. What if we don’t know? How can we follow purpose if we do not know what it is? How can we live passionately when the daily minutiae weighs heavy on our hearts?

We pursue. We pursue passion. We seek the answers with questions. We start with the question: what have you always wanted to do and have held back because of… what? What holds you back? Pursue your curiosity. Pursue your dreams. Start with a coffee conversation or a phone call. Find a mentor or fellow traveler. Act. Overcome that which says you cannot.

Quiet the mind and pursue passion through action. Step out of the mundane and into endless possibility. One step. One action. One conversation. Don’t wait. Pursue.

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