Gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful

Gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

Expand your life. Show gratitude. Be grateful. Extend words of thanks for all the grace that exists in your life.

Are you breathing? Thank your lungs for the hard work. Thank the trees for the oxygen they provide.

Have you eaten today? Be grateful for the harvest, for the farmer, the trucker, the grocer, the bagger. Be grateful for the living being that gave its life so that your body is nourished.

Do you have friends, family and loved ones that love you? Cherish them. Watch the love that surrounds you. See how each person in your life give so that your life is improved. Show grace. Share gratitude. Acknowledge what they mean to you.

Do you have a place to lay your head? Shelter from the weather? Look at the structure that covers you and soak in the significance. There are those that do not have a home. Look at all of the items in your home that provide comfort and beauty. Give thanks.

You are blessed. You are blessed with life and possessions. You have things. You have talents. You have friends. You have you. Take the time to give thanks for it is in gratitude that we find abundance.

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