You are a glorious creation

You are a glorious creation. A divine inspiration. Every cell, every sentiment, every inspiration, every action. Every smile, every tear. You are precious. Cherish the you that is. That which sits in this moment – ever changing, ever growing. Knowing. Sit in the revelry of life and love and letting go. Accept the grace of timeless knowing that you are. You exist. You persist. Your being is magnificent and holy. Your actions are steps towards you. Every lesson compounding on the one before so that you find you. This life is a journey to uncover that which is. For all that you are and all that you shall ever be is here and now in this singular moment, this timeless treasure. You sing the song that only you sing. Your being rejoicing in that which exists in the core of each of us like a drop in the ocean. Within that drop all of existence and within the whole the power to transform continents. The ebb and flow of the shore contained within one drop.

You are a ray of light. Untouchable and brilliant. Illuminating that which is. Bringing forth daylight where darkness once existed. Casting clarity on the truth that is, was and shall be. Made strong from the stuff of stars, your light vibrates with waves that reverberate far beyond what your eyes see, your fingers touch or your mouth tastes. Your light transforms sadness to acceptance, acceptance to forgiveness, forgiveness to connection, connection to silence and silence to joy. Your light feeds today so that tomorrow never occurs, this one moment becoming the whole of existence – a brilliance so bright that in a stately, solemn sanctuary you sit and are joyful. All is now.

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