Forget fear. I am here.

Sometimes I forget that I can trust myself. That my feelings are mine. That my thoughts are mine. That I control this life that I have created. Sometimes I forget the strength that I have earned by walking through fire. Sometimes I forget that compassion is an asset, a gift, a choice. Sometimes I forget that wisdom is seeing all of the options and choosing to forge a new path, taking new steps never taken. Sometimes I lose sight of the miles that I have traveled on this journey. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I am my own alley. That I am my safe place. That I have walked the road thus far, through the desert, the mountains, the valleys, the tears, the pain, the forgiveness and the joys. I am the one that has taken the steps. I am the one that has made the choices. I am the one who fell and got back up. I am the one in the arena – living this life that I have chosen on purpose.

I choose to live out loud. Forget fear. I am here. I will make mistakes. I will cry. I will feel the feelings. I will process the thoughts. And I will take control of this life that I am creating. Because I have the strength to walk through fire, love with compassion and share the wisdom learned at the feet of masters. I make the choices. I choose to rise.

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