Jealousy can be a powerful teacher. That deep longing for what another has points to a place of lack in our lives. Jealousy is never caused by the actions of another, but rather touches on a wound within ourselves.

When we follow our path and stand in our own truth, we are secure in our choices. We rejoice in the bounty of another because we stand in the abundance that flows out of inner peace. We know that the riches of life are everywhere that we turn. We are no longer seeking to fill a void. We are confident in the choices that have led life to this place.

When jealousy drives our thoughts, we are living in a place of lack. A place of longing. A place of self-neglect. We are denying ourselves the bounty of living a life of choice. By choosing to live the life that we desire, we stand in the beauty of a life lived on purpose. From that place of purpose, life is boundless and the bounty of others is a reason for celebration for we understand that in their joy resides a garden of grace.

Cheers to the bounty before you, my friend, my family, my flame. Love and light.

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