I am a human being

I am not a label. I am a human being.

When we create a category of people we dehumanize them, allowing ourselves to hate our fellow man. We separate we from he because of a label, because of a word. Immigrant, police, protester, liberal, the right, the rich, the poor, black, white, hispanic, Muslim, Christian, Jews. Terrorist.

These labels divide us, creating categories where truth is lost in these false lines that we draw. The borders between you and me are fictitious. How many times has the map changed in the last 100 years? 10 years? How many times in your sacred text does it say to love one another? How many of our writings are the same? Do we not all feel the same desire for life and love?

When you look into the eyes of another, regardless of race, creed, birthplace, political affiliation, gender or orientation do you see a human being or a label?
When we put another in a box, we restrict ourselves to the square space where we are defined by the label that we give to ourselves. We become the narrowly defined definition of who we are. We become the label that we give ourselves separating you from me. The truth is this: when we dehumanize one another, when we make human beings into labels, we all lose.

I am not the label that you give me. I am a complex soul seeking to be the best me that I can be.

I chose to see the humanity in each of us. I chose to connect to the best within you, mirroring the strength within me. There are no borders, no labels, no cages in my world. There are human beings, complex souls seeking truth, just like me.

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