Simply Passing Through

We are simply passing through. This life is a journey and like all travels we move on. The places and faces that are familiar and comforting today fade. They change. The sun sets on this time so that the moon can be revealed and a new day can dawn. The journey continues.

Letting go of the love that brightened our day, whether a friend or a lover, a child or a mother, a brother or a father, can feel like a dark night. The sun has set and we do not want to move forward into a new day. We want to return to the familiar shine of yesterday’s path. But we are simply passing through.

We are all travellers on our journey. Sometimes our traveling companions walk with us for decades, sometimes for days and sometimes they simply smile and share some soul food before they move on. None of these fellow travelers can take our steps. Each path is unique. My journey is my own.

So, I let go of those that have moved on, for they were simply passing through. The sun has set on our trek together. My journey continues into the sun of today. I allow the path to guide me because I, like you, am simply passing through.

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