Allow and be blessed

The sun is rising on a new day. That which has come and gone is done. The past is behind us. Let go of those things that are tethering you to your old ways of being. Let go and fly. The cords that hold you hold on to are keeping your from realizing the grace that love desires to bestow. Others cannot provide happiness. Fulfillment cannot be provided by another. It must come from within you. Let go of the cords that no longer bind you, no longer serve you. Let go of the patterns that swirl around you and keep you in the chaos of unfulfilled dreams. Step out of the old ways of being and into the possibilities that await you. Have faith that you will be provided for – that the glory and grace that the universe has in store for you is yours for the taking. Move on. Step forward. So not look back, for what is coming, what is, what shall be, is abundance, peace, love and happiness. Allow and be blessed. Let go.

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