The Story of Betrayal

This story of betrayal begins with words like duplicity, deception and falsehood. It whispers of secrets, unspoken lies and false love. It conjures questions of trust and self-worth. It points a finger and in the accusation sits the reality that at the core of this story lies a mirror.

For when we ignore our inner truth, the whispering intuition, we ignore our self. I only heard the words I wanted to hear. I gave meaning to the actions so that they fit into my fantasy. I ignored the nagging truth of my soul and in doing so I betrayed myself. We accept falsehood because the truth feels lonely. The lie is more comfortable. The quiet knowing was too painful and so I wrapped myself in that which I wanted to believe.

In accepting less than we desire, we betray ourselves. And when we turn our backs on ourselves, we are asking to be deceived because we are already living a lie of self-deception. We create heartache the moment we settle for anything less than love.

For, love does not betray or deceive. Love does not wound. Love is compassionate and accepting. Love is forgiving and healing. Love is big enough to encompass pain within a blanket of truth. For love is the not transient or fleeting. Love does not hurt. It is the abandonment of love that stings. It is in returning to love that we find peace.

So, as I sit in the safety of my mind’s eye, I watch the actions. I hear the words. I feel the emotions. And, here, in this safe place, I contain this story of betrayal in a bubble. It does not serve me. I choose to let it float away in the wind. Only love and the learned lesson remain.

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