All has been said

I have said all there is to say. I now hold all the words that have been spoken. I do not get to choose the outcome. I simply must accept the decisions made. There is beauty in the surrender to what is. There is life in the living. There is grief in the loss. There is beauty in the heaviness. There is light in the darkness.

The next chapter will unfold in a word, in an action, in a vision of a graceful flash of what is.

I am but a witness to the greatness – that greatness that shines through each of us like a beacon of hope, the greatness that covers wounds and heals them, the greatness that shouts in anger and whispers in love, the greatness that sits in silence and revels in the fire, the greatness that sings and prays. Solemn and graceful. Sober and joyful.

It is here. It is now. It is written. That which shall be has been done. The songs have been sung and the future foretold.

I am but a witness to the greatness that is unfolding before me. I am. Simply. Here to hear.

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