I have made mistakes.

I have made mistakes.

What a powerful statement. How freeing to admit that I am not perfect. In fact, I have been hurtful and hateful. I have created violence with my words, tearing wounds in hearts that I promised to love. I have held on to bitterness and withheld forgiveness. I have pointed fingers and stood on soapboxes. I have made enemies based on opinions and expanded divides based on belief. I have cheated and lied. I have taken from others and from our mother without thanks or gratitude.

I have fallen again and again without facing my truth. The truth that I am human. In admitting that I have made mistakes, I give myself the gift of grace. In forgiving myself, I forgive the trespasses against me. For I now see that one cannot be true without the other.

Holding on to my self righteousness required the other to be wrong so that I could be right. When in reality, we each have simply made mistakes. I am not without fault. You are not without falter. We both are simply human beings trying to survive this human existence.

And with my eyes opened to this truth, I am free to love you because I love me. I have made mistakes. I am not a mistake. I am here on purpose and so are you.

You are here on purpose. Our mistakes do not define us, they are simply the result of this human condition. Give yourself a gift and admit that you have made mistakes.

Then forgive. Forgive yourself and stand in the freedom that these words create:
“I have made mistakes. I am not a mistake. I am here on purpose.”



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