Choose wisely

We do not often get the chance to know when a decision will change the course of our lives. It is not everyday that we see the paths diverge and each path separate and unknown is laid out before us. Those decisions are the ones that we can look back on – frozen in time as points where we can say “I was never the same after that.”

More often, we choose each day like the one before. Each small decision melting into the movement of time so that it all converges into a life of “how did I get here?” These small decision creating the person that we are today, the path that we walk, the image that we portray, the friends that we associate with and the world that we live in.

We choose to let our choices choose for us. Instead of acting deliberately, we follow a path of least resistance, where what is easiest, most familiar, most comfortable becomes the default. We are not living a conscious life in the driver’s seat. We let life happen to us.

And we are lost. Lost in hopes and dreams and memories and regrets. Lost in the momentum of choices without much thought that we now feel tied to. The wheel is in motion and we do not have the will to pull the brake. So we speed ever more swiftly toward an unknown destination.

That destination is death, my friends. For it is where we all arrive, right on time. Whether we go to work today or put our toes in the sand, we will die. Whether we yell at our children or hold our lover longer, we will die. Whether we stand in the cold to watch a hilltop ablaze or we sit in a cubicle working to make another rich, we will die.

For we are all on time. We are all stepping each step towards our final destination. The only difference is the path that we choose. The path that diverges each and every day. The path that determines the journey. The choices that change….everything.

Choose wisely.

The Path

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