Today is a work of art

Every day is a work of art. Paint on canvas, knife on wood, chisel on granite, you are the artist. Every morning we are given a blank canvas, a new page, a block of wood or a marble stone and it is up to us to transform the gift into something beautiful, something useful, something that transcends the rising and the setting of the sun.

Some mornings I cannot see past the medium. The block of wood is simply a block of wood. On those days, I listen. I listen to the voices of the wood, the blank pages, and I am silent. I wait.

What I have found is that the silence is as much a work of the art as the creation. For in the sitting and listening, the vision of creation speak to my heart so that the words transform my world and art is revealed.

Art is bigger than the product of creation. It is the events that created artist. It is the trials and triumphs, the silence and the screaming, the pain and the healing. Art is the process. The most precious metals are forged in fire and force. The most beautiful music is wrought with pain. The most majestic sculpture is the result of sweat, tears and toll. The most colorful canvas carries a lifetime of story.

Every day is a work of art that we, the artist, create. We author, paint, sculpt and forge our lives. We are all artists and today is our work of art.

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